Love actually IS all around

Proof positive:
I highly recommend paper plates in your art supply stash. They are inexpensive and they encourage playful creation. You don't have to worry about being less than Da Vinci -- they are paper plates, for pete's sake, so go ahead and scribble to your heart's content.

Chalk is another cheap art supply that encourages creativity:

A new (to us) Feb Fourteenth Fave:

This is one of my sweet twenty-five cent purchases from library discards and it is destined to become a family classic. As the Bears prepare to hibernate, Mrs. Bear sets her alarm for Feb 14 to surprise Mr. Bear, but the tables are turned when Mr. Bear has a love gift all prepared for her when Valentine's Day arrives. It is a darling story and the illustrations just make you say "Awww..."

Speaking of things that make you go "Awww...", Stina gifted me with the cutest (and really useful) birdie bag she designed herself with help from the Big Sister. I love you grils:
 Hope you are feeling the love today and every day. Happy VD!

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  1. YAY- what fun ideas! I'm so glad to see Christie finished the bag- it turned out VERY cute! Love you. Happy Valentines Day (a little late)