This is NOT a Garden Blog


But it could become a Garden Blog.

We've got a whole lotta gardenin' goin' on.

Flowers are waking up. We found a little surprise lilac bush in one corner of the yard. It bloomed last week. Today the first sweet pea and the first California poppy bloomed. Shortly the yard will be a riot of color and vigorous growth.

The sunflower garden along the front walk is sprouted and growing like gangbusters. Baby gangbusters. But dontcha just love enthusiastic sunflowers?

Little round-leafed nasturtiums are growing in the raised vegetable boxes. Along with young tomato plants and bell pepper plants and onions and beets.

Additional vegetable seedlings in the kitchen window will likely be transplanted in the raised beds and other pots next weekend.

And the Tater Tower is an experiment that could turn out to be a glorious success or a pitiful pile of dirt. Springtime is a hopeful season that tempts us to try things that look promising. Not all of Springtime's promises turn out as we hope. 

Try anyway, I say. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Baseball season is coming right up, too. Not really related to gardening, but definitely related to hopeful Springtime. And sunflower seeds. We watched "A League of Their Own" tonight as a sort of celebratory anticipation of Opening Day. I think "Sand Lot" might be up next. And/or "Field of Dreams".

This is not a sports blog any more than it is a garden blog. But gardening and baseball are a couple of consistent Springtime pleasures in my life.

And to that list I will add frogsong.

The one or two voices we've heard complaining in the backyard have recently multiplied into a veritable Mormon Tabernacle Chorus of Frogs singing praises to their Creator every evening when the sun goes down.

Or maybe they are just a bunch of randy amphibians signaling their happy availability to potential mates. 

What ever.

Sounds like music to me.

And, on that note...

Thank you and good night.

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