Dancin' Shoes

After we wore out our Garden Helper (he likes to collect dirt clods) on Saturday afternoon, my Dream Date and I got cleaned up and put on our dancing shoes to celebrate the birthday of a good friend.
After meeting some new friends at our table (it was a dinner/dance benefit for the community college) and enjoying a fine meal, the band took the stage and it was none other than our hometown rockers... Run 4 Cover!

Someday firstborn daughter may tell the story of playing an orphan in the community theater production of "Oliver Twist" shortly after we moved to Visalia about 20 years ago. That was our first introduction to a couple of the players in the band, and several of them continued to weave in and out of our lives over the years.

It tickles me to think that the kids are grown now and probably believe we old folks should be living the quiet life, but in fact some of us are dancing the night away to the rockin' music made by some of the others that taught them in high school drama and choir. It also tickled me to hear Mr. Buenefe singing the lead on "Play That Funky Music, White Boy." And Mr. Wilson doing Michael Jackson's "Billy Jean". They also covered a tune by Pink, and one by the Black Eyed Peas. This band knows how to keep the party alive.

Incidentally, those gorgeous yellow Adirondacks were auctioned off for a pretty penny earlier in the evening. I kinda woulda loved to see them brightening our back yard, but the bidding went way beyond our charitable contribution budget.

So, kids, don't worry about the old folks at home. We are entertaining ourselves just fine since you've grown up and gone away. And when we are not singing and dancing, there's always gardening to keep us happy.

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  1. Love LOVE! Dancing shoes are a staple in life! I do love Run4Cover. I'm "friends" with them on FB so I see when they're doing shows and I'd love to go sometime. Glad you could enjoy "Faegan" rockin' out. And that Picture of you and Mr Last is perfect! So beautiful (and handsome)! Love the haircut Mom.

    Things to do, books to read, children to snuggle. Love you.