Simple Pleasures

 A few weeks back folks were being pressured to get a dozen roses and a bunch of pink and red wrapped stuff to give to some beloved as a pure demonstration of love. I'm all about Love, but may I suggest waiting a couple of weeks beyond Balentimes and getting a dozen plants for the garden and a new sprinkling can? I'm pretty sure they are at least as sweet and meaningful as all the pink and red stuff that's been consumed and/or discarded as retailers get all hot and bothered about the next commercial sales opportunity. Round here, anyway.

I was already feeling good when I came out of the store with the seedlings above, so imagine my delight when I was greeted with this great big beautiful rainbow stretching all the way over to the other side of the sky.

Country Waffles makes me happy, too, because of some happy meals there with my Baby Boy (who is now a Man). He isn't as difficult to feed now, but back in the day he didn't like salads or sandwiches or soup, but he loved ham. And Country Waffles serves ham breakfast any time they are open, and they also have sandwiches and other menu items for the rest of us who don't require all ham all the time. So, yeah, I get warm and nostalgic when I see Country Waffles.

Happy First Day of Lion and Lamb Month! 

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