Thursday Night Market Place

Every Thursday night from May to October of every year (six entire months! 26 Thursday nights!) you can join several hundred of your closest friends, and a couple of strangers (because strangers are just friends you haven't met yet, right Will Rogers?), in charming downtown Hanford.

You can stroll the Farmers Market.
Pick up some heirloom tomatoes, fresh or dried, that are big and lumpy and funny-colored but taste of juicysweetgloryhallelujah summer-is-a-comin'.
Kids can ride the carousel.

The carousel is on the corner by the old historic Courthouse. The old Courthouse is now home to small business and offices and the grounds that surround it are lovely. If you need to conduct serious legal business you'd better head down the street a mile or two to a complex that is slightly more modern and significantly less beautiful.
Grown-ups can enjoy an adult beverage and live music in the cool shade outside of the old Fox Theater.
Be sure to grab dinner from the plentiful vendors cooking up BBQ hot links and chicken kabobs and grilled corn and sweet potatoes (and lots of other deliciousness). Don't forget the ice-cold Pepsi.
They celebrate Homecoming in May in these parts. I think they are on to something. It's a very appropriate time to celebrate the return of the sun and fun and kids coming home from college.


The party starts in May and continues for 26 weeks.
Every. Thursday. Night.




  1. My mouth is watering. About a year ago I wouldn't have been caught dead saying this, but I LOVE THIS VALLEY.

    Am I enough of a kid to ride the carousel?

  2. It's not hard to find much to love about The Valley if you just poke around a bit. Come with us next Thursday and tell the gatekeeper at the carousel that childhood lives in the heart of each of us. Don't know if that'll getcha on a horse, but it pretty much true.