Incurable Bibliophilia

A long time ago about when Mark Zuckerberg was launching Facebook, I was exploring the murky waters of Internet Dating. Navigating the waters was tricky then, as I suppose it is now also. In order to sort the sheep from the goats (so to speak), my profile contained the phrase "confirmed bibliophile". I figured that would scare away some and intrigue others. It did.

My bibliophilia is treatment-resistant and apparently incurable. It seems that no matter how many times I cull my collection and vow to love what remains without increasing their number, I find the siren song of used book sales luring me to dash myself against the rocks of More Books again and again. O, the Treasures and Delights to be obtained in exchange for so little precious cash!

A dozen acquired Friday:

Another dozen acquired Saturday
from an entirely separate source:

Oh, and the Internet dating profile?
Worked like a charm.

Because it turns out, that for some of us:
bumper sticker available here

Happy May Day Mr. Last First Date!

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  1. I have that "reading is sexy" in mug form. I LOVE it.