Books & Postcards are Love Letters

Some, but not all, of my children inherited my bibliophiliac tendencies. I am doing my part to spread the contagion on down the generations. For a while now GrandGril and the GrandBoys have been receiving random selections in the mail from Oma's Book Club:
I have loads of fun choosing titles and sending them off to the kids as part of my More Love Letters resolution.

(Remember? Same and only resolutions made for 2010 and 2011? Fewer Piles and More Love Letters. I may have finally come up with resolutions that I can truly accomplish. Especially if they are the same every year.)

Also, as part of my More Love Letters campaign, I have embarked upon A-Postcard-A-Day project that consists of me scribbling a random something on a vintage postcard daily and mailing it off to my parents. They don't do the Internet or email so they miss all of the goodness here on my blog and the Postcard-A-Day project sort of fills that void.

Happy Mail is good for us all.  

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