It's Clouds' Illusions I Recall...

Gentle Reader:

I was feeling derelict in my duties here until I compared with last year and discovered I'm keeping up just fine.

And I am reading books at a good pace.

Yes. Some of the books have as many pictures as words, but pictures require my careful attention to the same degree as words. Maybe moreso as I am working on expanding my visual vocabulary. Are you working on expanding YOUR visual vocabulary? Well, then.

Mr. Last and I enjoyed our first 2011 picnic in the park this afternoon. And I did not take pictures of our food even though the spread included fresh strawberries and a beautiful box of Girl Scout cookies along with our BBQ chicken and beans and green salad.

You're welcome.

I took pictures of clouds instead:

I also took pictures of pictures:

These are the precious photos I keep with me at all times. They are my riches. The plastic I have in my wallet to use for commercial transactions, or the little bit of currency or coins you might find there, are of considerably less value than the riches represented in these photos.

And it gives me great pleasure to keep them hidden in this skinny- turquoise-faux-croc leather wallet that I can pop open any time I want to be reminded how very rich I am:

I know right? How cool is that there are skinny-turquoise-faux-crocodiles somewhere in the world?

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  1. HAHA! So first, it totally made me happy that I'm in your wallet, but then your skinny-turquoise-faux-crocodiles comment made me even happier. And I love your branches picture btw.