First Things First

Miss Bee recently celebrated the First Anniversary of Her Birth. There were so many details she had to keep up with: installing batteries in new toys, grilling burgers. There were cupcakes and kittens and bubbles and balloons and party dresses and kisses. It was fabulous!


  1. Looks like so much fun! Love that wee one! (and her parentals too) I think she and Lando would be great friends. What with their love of food and helping and whatnot. We could all use a good tu-tu.

  2. Aww beautiful little girl!! Wish I could've been there! So did you get her the tutu or was that from someone else?

  3. Yep. Been holdin' on to that turquoise tutu for months anticipating the big day. You should know that the decree went out this day that henceforth tutu is mandatory partywear at all future festive events. Tutu's for all! Or Groucho glasses! Or both!