Big Truck & Goats

Moving Day. The truck was SO BIG it wouldn't all fit in the frame.

My very favorite thing about the new commute is seeing these guys in morning and in the afternoon:
It used to be that I would see cows or sheep or prison lights in the distance, and I tried to be cheerful about the landscape that was flying by.

But now these these GOATS at the local dairy make me so dang happy coming and going. It's inexplicable and unexpected, but there you have it. It's not for us to question the delights that show up on our journey. Just enjoy the journey.

And if you get to see goats twice a day...well, that's a bonus you can only hope for.


  1. Mother. You MUST read Chickens in the Headlights. You'll enjoy the goats on a whole new level. :)

  2. I love goats too. (And most farm animals. And most animals.)Glad to know where I get it from.