Hey, October's Almost Over!

Have you missed me? I know I've missed you. 

Our local AT&T techs, Mikey and Rodney, are my true heroes.
Every other service person I talked to (seven different people and about a dozen different phone calls over eleven days - not counting the original agent I talked to almost a month ago) should be ashamed of their "work". Phone service transferred easy peasy in the move, but Internet was like getting a man on the moon.

Oh, wait. Getting a man on the moon was probably easier.

Well, so here we are getting moved in. A three-car garage full of everything we own. Except cars.

Guest bedroom. Before...

The view through the french doors in living room:

The view from the dinner table of The Park:
 It looks like this when we open the front door:

And look who's home to greet you at the doorstep!

There's still plenty of moving-in to do, but we are truly at home now, and it feels good. Come see us some time.


  1. Oh my gosh. My jaw dropped when I saw your park. I can't wait to see it all in person in a couple months!!!

  2. hip Hip Hooray! The boys were pretty excited to see the White Dog is home! So glad you're getting all settled in. Great views all around :) Love you!