BIG Orange

Mr. Last and I have been seeing these around town lately and reminiscing about when there were an abundance of them up and down the Valley. What is it? 

Well either the pod people are coming to beam us up to the Big Orange in the Sky, or this is a traveling slushy/sno-cone stand.

On the other hand, portable micro homes are fashionable in some circles so perhaps this is someone's dream on wheels. Whatever it is I am glad I was able to snap a shot of it at a red light during my lunch hour the other day. Stuff like this makes me happy. Don't ask me why. 

Goat dairies. Big Oranges. I don't analyze the happinesses I see on my journey, I just enjoy them. And keep them here for future enjoyment. 

That is all.


  1. If goat dairies and big oranges make you happy, you're in the right place Mama. Love you.

  2. This is Big Orange Shaved Ice. I was the old owner