Royal Drama

Whatcha been up to lately?

 I’ve done a little sorting, cleaning, giving stuff away, throwing stuff away, filling boxes with stuff.

 Also. In amongst all that fun I’ve been watching royal dramas:

Well, OK, Shine was belatedly catching up with the work of Geoffrey Rush, who bowled me over in The King’s Speech. And Colin Firth. Well, we all know and love Colin Firth. I wonder when the day will come that he cannot delight us anymore?

The British royalty films have been a lovely prelude to the upcoming excitement in April when Kate Middleton and Prince William will be married.

Thirty years ago I stayed up all night to watch live television coverage of Prince Charles’s & Diana’s royal wedding on July 29, 1981. It seemed like a fairytale come true.
And, silly young girl that I was, I played along. I got married exactly one month later on August 29, 1981.

Diana’s firstborn son came along in 1982, and so did mine.
Her second child was born in 1984, and so was mine.
Her marriage disintegrated in the 1990’s, so did mine.
She divorced and was tragically killed in a car accident in Paris in 1997. I divorced and thought I was gonna die before I got through law school shortly after the turn of the century. It all sounds like ancient history when I recount it now.

Meanwhile, back in the present day, Prince William embodies some of his mother’s grace and beauty. He seems a worthy mate for Kate Middleton, and Kate’s style has already been compared to that of the mother-in-law she never knew. It’s all great fun to watch in this celebrity-worship culture in which we live. If you dig a little deeper into the collective psyche, I suppose we all watch with the hope that Will & Kate can manage to gather up some of the magic we thought was lost when Diana perished. We have a collective longing for a true Happily Ever After to follow this beautiful, young, and royal couple, just as we long for it to show up in the lives of every couple, beautiful, young and royal or otherwise.

But Happily Ever After or Not, I plan to become completely swept up in over-exposure that is bound to build up to April 29, 2011.

Then I really must find something other than royal drama to occupy my imagination for a time.

Like…I dunno…perhaps unpacking and settling into a new castle with my very own Prince Charming?

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  1. We just watched Young Victoria- I LOVED it. Kind of surprised me.