October Sky

Sunrise this morning near the Visalia airport. Cotton just about  ready for harvest in the foreground, Valley Oaks behind.
Mother Nature puts on a spectacular show for me twice a day at both ends of my commute. A couple weeks ago I enjoyed this view in the evening on Rosedale Highway:

I love when Mr. Last grabs my hand and pulls me
to an upstairs window or outdoors to catch the view.

"C'mon," he says, "this is worth watching..."


Pausing to look up does not happen often enough for most of us, but it rarely fails to calm a busy mind or soothe a troubled heart.

This morning when the sun rose only a few of the Chilean miners had been rescued, and tonight they are all above ground. I like to imagine that the October sky today was particularly beautiful especially in their honor. They missed a few sunrises and sunsets recently, so I can believe the sky is a sight that will be deeply meaningful to them from here on out.

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