Grils Got Away

Friday night I hopped a plane to SLC via SFO:

In SLC I met up with CMW and MAH:

We ate and shopped and pushed a bride out of the way to snap a shot in front of this historical landmark: (just kidding! we waited until the newlyweds were done with their photos):

I tried to get the girls to pose with me like this:

They were real bathing beauties when we soothed our aching bodies in Brother Marriott's hot tub at the end of our day on the town. 

But that came much later. After we filled the day with an organ concert at the Tabernacle, lunch at Lion House Pantry, shopping at DI, browsing at the public library, dinner at California Pizza Kitchen, shopping at [THE] Gateway, and chasing down TRAX to take us the last block back to the hotel. 

We sampled the dry sauna and the hot tub and the swimming pool before we donned our perfectly matchy green-and-grey jammies and we snuggled down into the warmth of memories made.

I'm still basking in the afterglow. Thanks Grils!

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