I am a word nerd, not a math nerd. But sometimes numbers and things mathematical delight me. I enjoy the occasional number puzzle and I'm fascinated by patterns, and symmetry, and tessellations, and the Golden Mean, and the Fibonacci sequence, and fractals, and prime numbers.

Today I am just happy that the numerical date works out to be 10.10.10.  Doesn't matter if you note the day in day/month/year sequence or month/day/year sequence. Today it's all the same!


No! It has nothing to do with my aging mind and keeping things easy to remember.

It's just plain beautiful.

Which brings me to...

In an attempt to overcome resistance to making something I can legitimately call an "art journal", I made a scrappy doodly book. It's here mostly to encourage me, but if it encourages you, too, so much the better:


  1. Did you really cut up the Madeline book?

  2. Ummm...yeah, it was for art's sake. And it smelled moldy anyway, so I'll find you another. Good attention to detail, by the way.