Just When You Thought Pennies Were Outta Here...

Until recently I advocated abolition of the one cent coin. I adore Honest Abe, but pennies were the bane of my existence, and hardly worth gathering to turn in at CoinStar.

I always said, "please keep the penny" when I made a purchase totalling Sumpthing Dollars and Ninety-Nine Cents.

Until the other day.

At the end of a commercial transaction, as the cashier handed over my change, I was dazzled by the flash of the shiny shield of All Things Tiny and Mighty, and I was instantly cured!

"Hey! What's THAT? Oooooo. A superhero shield...wow, that is so much cooler than the Lincoln Memorial that looked like Mister Rogers' trolley..."

It's weird how a redesign has completely flipped my opinion of the lowly penny. But that's how good design works I guess.

Now I try to plan purchases to get back the maximum amount of pennies in change. And I check them all for Abe's Superhero Shield. 

Little things can make a big difference, dontcha think?

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  1. I like this! I've been living away from the UK for the past 4 years (in australia) when I came back last september it was so weird to find new designs on some of our sterling coins. They still stand out like a sparkly thumb to me. I love coin designs!