A Boy from Bakersfield

From left to right are my Aunt Charlene, Aunt Maxine, My Daddy, and his Daddy (my GranDad):

I love the old car. And the socks.

My Dad was born in Bakersfield during the Great Depression.

He built his first telescope when he was about fourteen years old, and he built several others after that. As a girl I was fascinated that he could take a block of glass and make his own reflector lens. He rigged up a special contraption to test the optics to determine if there were high spots that needed further grinding. 

He knows a great deal of physics and astronomy, but my Dad never graduated high school. He joined the U.S. Navy when he was 17, and got his GED while in the service.

He and my Mom were highschool sweethearts. Their wedding reception was held in the front yard of the very house they live in today. At that time the house belonged to my Uncle Tom and Aunt Varine. I love everyTHING about this photo:

I was Daddy's buddy as a little girl, especially after the arrival of my baby sister. I've learned a lot from my Dad and I love him deep. I'll tell you more about it another time. But for now -- I'll leave you with a shot of me & Dad from last year. Happy Father's Day.

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