Regional Wildlife

Do you think this is what a roadrunner looks like?:
I did until mere moments ago when an actual roadrunner crossed the road in front of me on China Grade Loop.

I was returning from another glorious day on the Kern River, alone in my car, when the creature darted out and I blurted, "Hey, that's a roadrunner!"

The one I saw was running the opposite direction and looked very much like this:

Another local celebrity I have seen on several occasions within city limits is the San Joaquin kit fox, which looks like it would make a cute and cuddly pet, but is in fact a wild animal that would rather not interact with humans. 

It looks like this:
I am a lover of most of the animals with whom I share the neighborhood.

Birds. And mammals. Well, OK, I don't love possums, but I do tolerate sharing the neighborhood with them.  

And I am not so much a lover of creepy crawly creatures. I really could live without flies and spiders and slugs and snails and mosquitoes and ants, regardless of passionate arguments to the effect that we would be in a hopeless mess without them because these critters keep our planet in balance. You know. By eating decaying garbage and sucking blood and stuff.

So...anyhow...creepy crawlies aside...it's fun to spot animals around us!

End of biology lesson for today.
All photos courtesy of Google Images

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