Bird Brains

So you remember the Dove family from an earlier post, right? He & She were taking turns incubating two little eggs, right? Well, mysteriously the Doves disappeared one day leaving the nest empty with no signs of life having ever been present. No ugly babies. No eggshells in or around the nest. Nuthin'.

About that time the neighbors were accusing a wandering raccoon of plundering their koi pond, so we speculated that perhaps the plunderer wandered down our roofline and reached his sneaky hand under the sitting dove and helped himself to a snack. But, again, no shells, no feathers, no evidence of any kind.

It was weird.

But this is weirder.

The pair (or another pair that looks exactly like the last pair) recently returned. We were excited and delighted. Until we peeked in the hanging plant nest, and this time...

... STILL nuthin'!

Not even little eggs this time. But lots and lots of nesting behavior.

Maybe we were too quick to blame the raccoon. Perhaps we have a hopeful infertile couple. Or just plain crazy birds that are sitting on imaginary eggs. I'm thinking it's more likely the latter.


  1. Even looney birds need a place to live Mom. :) Glad you can at least enjoy their company even if they don't have wee birdy eggs to watch.

  2. Indeed. We love the Doves. And their earnest delusion of reproduction. They will always have a home in our dead hanging plant, wee eggs or no.