"Don't Grit Your Teeth When You ..."

I once heard a celebrity or comedian on the radio talking about parenthood. He observed that one of the crazy things about having children is you find yourself saying things no human being should have to say to another human being, such as, "Quit licking the neighbors!"

In fact, a beloved nephew was a hit-and-run licker when he was a toddler, so I found the observation not only astute, but hilarious. And I called my nephew's mom to reassure her that her son clearly was not the only child to shock his family (and victims) with such behavior.

Anyway, in our family, the emerging generation of teeth clenchers is learning "don't grit your teeth when you hold the baby" which were the words that sprang forth from my lips when my beloved boy held his baby sister with visible intensity. And browsing photos the other night, I noticed something. See if you notice it too:

Perhaps we should start saying "Don't grit your teeth when you smile for the camera"...

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