She's Golden


It's her Golden Birthday.

Twenty years crammed full of living can be messy sometimes.

So sometimes it helps to keep a Brother under one arm and Another Brother under the other...

Other times it's not a Brother, but Your Mother, that you need...
Of course the one who's really got your back is your Big Sister.
You'll always be the Baby and she'll aways be your Big Sister.
It's awesome.

We know it's not easy bringing up the tail end of this bunch, but the good news is you've always had a village looking out for you and you always will.

On this Golden Day we celebrate you. And...well...

...the teenager you were salutes the adult you are becoming.
Happy Birthday Baby.

So glad you were born. So glad you are alive.

We love you.

And I love you BIG.

Forever. For always. No matter what.


  1. Couldn't have said it better. Happy Birthday SisterGirl.

  2. Thanks Mama (and Mag). Love you both so much. It's been a very celebratory day indeed.

    And of course you put the bathtub picture up. The classic "embarrassing baby picture" picture. :)

  3. Um- it's better than the cousins potty training picture- or the readin' in the bathroom picture....see? I'm so nice-I mentioned TWO waaaaay more embarassing pics. (ps this dirty nose one is one of my favs)

  4. Thank you, Maggie. I love the dirty nose picture, too, and I've been waiting for a good time to put it up. I will never publicly display the other two.