Oma Flew to SLC and Back

And, boy, are her arms tired.

It is still difficult putting words to all the beauty and happiness of the weekend just past, so I'll just kinda narrate the photos, 'kay?

First, I met up with the Sopho-NO-More and we rode the moving sidewalks to the rental car counter:

Then we navigated ourselves past ferocious dinosaurs:

and giant holey rocks:
to meet up with these guys for pizza at the Wagon Wheel:
The next day they talked their folks into taking a Ten Minute Walk. Some people have to hike ten miles to find exceptional scenery, but not the Super Lucky GrandBoys. It's right where they live and it's just a Ten Minute Walk:

This artfully edited self-timed shot was taken in the ruins of ancient native dwellings in the side of the cliff that we carefully and respectfully explored. At the end of our ten minutes we headed to Edge of the Cedars Museum.

Well, whether or not shadows have meaning, they are interesting to look at and contemplate. Also interesting to look at and contemplate are the clouds in the blue sky we enjoyed this day. When he's happy The Wee One waves his hula hands, and for a moment it looked like he was conducting the movement of the coulds or as if he was preparing to flap his arms and fly away.

That concludes the highlights of the first full day. And, trust me, it was a very full day. Later I'll post the highlights of the Frontier Sisters photo shoot, including some outtakes.

But for now I'll leave you with this groovy garden goat.

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