For Those Who Love Little Animals

She should be doing less of this now:
 Because another academic year is behind her and
a great big bunch of Summer is coming right up. 
Today she moves (moved?) into a new place!
With. Awesome. Roommates.
If she looks too young to be doing such things
(living independently, I mean) it's because she was indeed underage when this photograph was taken a number of years ago.

But she's half-way done with undergraduate studies already. And her juggling skills have served her well over the past months, but perhaps going forward she'll practice more yoga and meditation.

Or napping.
Or daydreaming.
Or writing poetry.
Or reading fiction.
Or eating Popsicles.
Or bicycle-riding.
Or country swing dancing.
Or building model roller coasters.
Or anything else she wants to do. 

But for anyone thinking about acquiring a new pet,
please consider the following:

The Guppy
Whales have calves,
Cats have kittens,
Bears have cubs,
Bats have bittens.
Swans have cygnets,
Seals have puppies,
But guppies just have little guppies.

from this lovely 1942 volume
recently acquired at a Friends of the Library book sale.
The black and white and read-all-over title page is beautiful, yes? 

I know bibliophiliacs can get annoying, inserting into every conversation or dialogue some little ditty or obscure fact or anecdote or bit of a story they once read or heard or imagined.


Have I mentioned I'm a bibliophile
with sesquipedalian tendencies?


Sorry. Sorry.
But really, isn't it curious that guppies only have little guppies?

OK! OK! I'll go away now.

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  1. Ahh, I do look forward to doing lots of not-school/not-work in the upcoming weeks. I had a beautiful moment about an hour ago when I realized I don't have to do anything tomorrow. And it's a Wednesday.

    Your bibliophily (I think?) makes me chuckle. Love you Mama. See you in a couple days. :)