Disoriented? Why would I be disoriented?

I'm sure it has nothing to do with driving 1000 miles and back (yup, that's at least 2000 miles, folks) over an extended weekend through four states, two time zones, varying weather and climate, to deliver my young adult son to the very place I ran to as a young adult to separate from my childhood. Nah. That probably has nothing to do with my emotionality and exhaustion today.

Hit-and-run visits with beloveds. Longing to linger but I can't stay. I'm just passing through.

A solitary journey over Cedar Mountain and through Zion National Park to celebrate the beginning of my 50th year on the planet is a good time to review so many memories and to savor for a few hours the life experiences gathered in all the places I touched so briefly during this whirlwind weekend. Apparently I was just passing through all those years ago, too.

Arriving home I find lots of little messes I left behind. Piles of things to be put away. Projects in progress to be resumed upon my return. Notes to myself listing "sprinkling can" "baby goat". Sprinkling can? baby goat?

Early onset dementia is always a possibility, but I think maybe this is a condition that will respond well to a warm bath and a nap. I'll be in my office.

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