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Years ago the mother of my high school sweetheart referred to me as "beloved Julie" and I think it was the first time I ever heard the two words together. Later, when I was divorced, I made a banner that hung over my bed to remind me that I had once been, and would someday be again, beloved. The banner also reminded me to be open to the love around me, to accept love, to "be loved".

This evening the walk to the mailbox yielded not one love letter, but TWO!

One envelope was from a dear old friend far away, and one from my precious baby girl. My heart is full tonight. And when I am done savoring the love letters I will add them to the Box of Love that I keep in a special place to pull out whenever I need to remind myself to "be loved".

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  1. That reminds me of "So I Married an Axe Murderer" with Mike Myers. (We watched it recently so it's on my mind).

    "Harriet. Harry-ette. Hard-hearted harbinger of haggis. Beautiful, bemuse-ed, bellicose butcher. Un-trust... ing. Un-know... ing. Un-love... ed? "He wants you back," he screamed into the night air like a fireman going to a window that has no fire... except the passion of his heart. I am lonely. It's really hard. This poem... sucks.

    I know it really is a bit uncouth but there you have it. Strange how the mind works. Glad you got happy love mail :)