Mother/Daughter Date Night

Been enjoying Thursday evenings with my Baby Girl for some time now. It started a few years back when I moved away from the old hometown. I have a new hometown now, and she does too, really, but we both enjoy catching up and having a treat or visiting some of the old familiar places.

Tonight we hit Main Street Visalia for the Farmer's Market and started the evening off with snowcones.

Sour Apple for her; Lime for me. We were feeling Green.

Look how perfectly the orange fingernails and purple scarf coordinate with the neon green. Crafty Child has mad accessorizing skillz. She made the scarf all by her Crafty Self. And though her sparkly turquoise toenails are not photographed for posterity here, they further accented the ensemble in that special way that only sparkly turquoise toenails can.

We entertained ourselves looking in the shop windows as we walked a couple blocks down to El Tarrasco. We took turns pressing the crosswalk button with the man in the cool hat. He said we were playing Tortoise and Hare with him because we leapfrogged past him crossing at the first corner, but he caught up with us at the next stoplight.

We were still feeling Green for dinner and salad it was.
Shimp for her; Taco for me.

After dinner we browsed the library for a bit and tried to recall if there had once been a fountain out front, or just a sculpture. I seem to recall a roundish abstract mother/child sculpture, but there is now neither a sculpture nor a fountain.

The grounds and the newish library are welcoming nevertheless.

Baby Girl and I agreed we quite like summer in the Valley. Fresh, fragrant fruits and veggies at the Farmer's Market. Flipflops, fancy nails, snowcones and salads. Of course temperatures have been dipping in and out of the triple digits lately, but that's to be expected. It's July.

The month starts out with a bang and just gets better as it goes along.

Don't you think?  


  1. Had lots of fun Mama. Love you!

    P.S. Stealing the slushie picture. Thanks.

  2. I want your hat sister.
    That is all.

    OK not really. (not really all- I really do want your hat). Did you know that Jewel went to the Farmer's Market in VTown before her concert? Wish we would have bumped into her- though I don't know what I'd say. Just a cool little tidbit- you never know what celebrities are bumming around our little town. Like the fashionista Christina :) Love the colors. *LOVE* and you. And the Sistergirl.

    Isn't it cool to be related to people you like?
    I think it's awesome.
    Love you Mom! TTFN.