Stuff and Nonsense

...just some stuff in my life recently that I want to remember:

-Blooming basil makes tiny white flowers and an amazing fragrance in the house when you cut few stems after the plants in the garden bolt.

- I've put a couple miles on the new athletic shoes and upgraded from Yoga For Fat Ladies to Yoga for Beginners. I had become such a sendentary slug that bending over to tie my shoes and walking to the end of the street and back was a major physical undertaking for me. Not good. But I believe I have turned the Titanic around. It's taken about three weeks of daily walking (and daily is the key for me) along with easy yoga 3 days a week to get to a place where "I like to move it, move it." (Madagascar, anyone?)

- The other morning at work, a coworker/friend brought me fresh blueberries because she thought I might like them. I do! This morning I ate a giant bowl of Cheerios heaped with a sliced banana, fresh strawberries, and the delicious blueberries of friendship.

- Ewan McGregor is a really great actor. When we learned the second Hurstling was a boy I suggested Owen as a lovely name for the sibling of first-born Ian. I further suggested a third boy could be Ewan so the Hurst Brothers would have the musical monikers of Ian, Owen, and Ewan. But I digress.

This evening Mr. Last and I slogged through a movie starring the handsome and talented Mr. McGregor, who did an admirable job of carrying the film Ghost Writer with precious little help from his supporting actors (Kim Catrall of Sex and the City fame, and Pierce Brosnan, who was perfectly cast as Remington Steele in the 1980's television show of the same name, but he'll never be accused of being a really great actor. Momma Mia, anyone?).

So, the Ewan McGregor movie reminded me of one of the kids' favorite PBS shows from the 1990's. Perhaps you'll recognize this:

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  1. Friendship blueberries taste a lot better than regular blueberries.

    Been busy babysitting and spending time with friends before they all scatter this week. Call you soon. Love you.